Presentations by Sarah Jeffery

Videos by Darragh Kearns-Hayes

1) Finger techniques and effects

2) Vibrato

3) Articulation & use of mouth

4) Glissandi

5) Undertones, Overtones, Multiphonics & Flageolet tones.

6) Circular breathing

7) Alternative blowing techniques

8) Playing multiple whistles simultaneously

9) Unusual techniques

 1. Finger Techniques & Effects

A selection of the many techniques and effects using the fingers possible on the tin whistle and low whistle.

2. Different types of vibrato

A demonstration of how to create vibrato using different techniques on the tin whistle and low whistle.

3. Articulation and use of mouth

Different ways of influencing the sound of the tin whistle or low whistle using the mouth.

4. Glissandi

Different ways of creating glissandi on the tin whistle or low whistle, including covering the break between registers.

5. Undertones, Overtones, Multiphonics and Flageolet tones.

How to produce undertones, overtones, multiphonics and flageolet tones on the tin whistle or low whistle.

6. Circular Breathing

A tutorial on how to perform circular breathing on the tin whistle or low whistle.

7. Alternative Blowing Techniques

A demonstration of some unusual blowing techniques on the tin whistle and low whistle.

8. Playing multiple whistles

A demonstration of multiple tin whistles and low whistles being played simultaneously by one performer.

9. More unusual techniques

A demonstration of some more unusual techniques performed on the tin whistle and low whistle.